How To Peel Ginger



  1. Ginger is a rhizome. What is a rhizome? A rhizome is a stem that takes root horizontally at or under the surface of the soil.
  2. When buying ginger, pick the hardest and heaviest rhizomes. Avoid wrinkled, light weight ginger, as it has been sitting around for awhile and is not fresh.
  3. Mature, fresh ginger is hotter and more flavorful.
  4. Check the knobs where the ginger has been broken. The longer ginger has grown before harvesting, the more fibrous it becomes and the more fibers you will see at the break.
  5. To Peel Ginger: Cut a section of ginger off of the large piece.
  6. Peel stem away using a sharp knife.
  7. Mince or chop according to recipe instructions.
  8. For mincing a microplane grater works really well.

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