Separating Eggs



  1. Hold egg between your thumb and your first two fingers.
  2. Gently tap egg on a flat service (2 or 3 taps should be good).
  3. Using both hands, hold egg over a bowl and place thumbs on cracked shell.
  4. Using thumbs pull shell apart into two pieces.
  5. Hold each shell upright so contents will not spill out.
  6. The egg yolk will be in one shell.
  7. Tip the shell with the yolk into the shell without.
  8. The white will spill over the edges of the shell and into the bowl.
  9. Continue transferring the yolk from one shell half to the other, tipping the shell ever so slightly so that the white will fall into the bowl.
  10. When most of the white is separate from the yolk, tip the yolk into a separate bowl.
  11. Use whites and yolks as stated by recipe.


If you are whipping whites in a recipe, it is important that no yolks end up in the egg white mixture.

The yolk contamination can prevent proper whipping of the whites.

If yolks do get into the whites, try removing them by lifting them out with a discarded eggshell half.

If you are unable to remove the yolk, dump the whites out and start the separating process over with a new egg.

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